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5 reasons on why to choose a boat trip as your bachelorette Party

Typically, bachelorette/hen parties involve busy bars or nightclubs. But what if this type of parties is not the style of the bride or groom? New types of bachelorette parties have recently begun to emerge/ranging from something simple like a wine tasting to something more complex like a trip to another country! In the city of Porto there are several options for a good bachelor party, and one of these options that is fashionable these days is to join the most important people for the bride or groom, wear a bikini to match, and embark on an exclusive boat trip along the Douro River.

Here are 5 reasons to choose a boat ride as an option for your bachelorette party:

1. The view

It is undeniable that Porto is one of the most beautiful cities in Portugal, but the landscape of the banks of the Douro from the point of view of a boat makes it even more unforgettable. During the tour, in addition to being able to see the six classic bridges that unite the cities of Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia from a unique angle, it will also be possible to appreciate several iconic landmarks of the city, such as the area of Ribeira, the Serra do Pilar, the famous Guindais funicular, which connects Ribeira to Batalha square, among many others.

Despedida de Solteira no Porto, ideias para despedida de solteira, sailing 3602. The boat trip on the Douro River

If the bride/he has never been on a boat, this is the perfect opportunity to do so (and if she or he is already a sailor/the experienced one will certainly not mind sailing again). A boat trip on the Douro River has it all: it has its part of adventure, its part of relaxation and fun from start to finish!

Let yourself be enchanted by the banks of the Douro River, relax with this unique experience and create unforgettable memories, you will not regret it!


3. The privacy

One of the big problems of a bachelor party in a bar or nightclub is the crowds that prevent the groom and friends from having their deserved privacy. Inside a boat the situation is completely opposite, since you can choose the people you want by your side at this unique and important moment of your life. Only the people most important to you should be part of moments like this. If you are from outside, enjoy and book the best local accommodation in the area of Porto, and have a complete experience!

bachelor party, rio douro, porto4. The music

Music can completely change a person’s mood, both for good and evil. That’s why it’s important to be able to choose the music you want to listen to at the most important moments. Unlike traditional music venues, on a boat you have a device with premium Spotify available to play your favorite playlist.

5. Food and drink

A large part of the boat trips on the Douro River with Sailing 360º have food and drink included, since a boat trip is always better with a glass of wine or a beer in hand and food available. This way, you don’t have to worry about this when planning the party! However, if you prefer to take your own food and drink you are also free to do so, always on request.

Now that you know 5 of the many reasons to choose a boat as a venue for your bachelorette party, all that remains is to choose a theme for the party, invite friends or friends, buy matching outfits, plan the party (always taking into account the preferences of the bride, but without excluding any of her guests) and have fun!

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