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Boat Trips along Douro River, Porto

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Enjoy a boat trip on the Douro river and celebrate a party, a romantic ride or a bachelor party aboard Sailing 360, and get incredible views of the city of Porto, such as the D. Luís Bridge and Ribeira. This Porto river cruise is the ideal program for groups and families.
Enjoy the view of the riverside area of the city of Porto and Foz do Douro, as well as the city of Vila Nova de Gaia, where the Port Wine Cellars and the Famous Cable Car are located.

Moments and Stories that speak for themselves

Moments, experiences and stories… these are some of the purposes of Sailing 360º.

By taking an exclusive boat trip along the Douro River you will have the opportunity to create memories for the years to come.

The products available have been created and customized to think of different times and occasions, and they all present their own differentiating factors.

Romantic moments, bachelor parties, the experience of the sunset on the high seas or even a sleepover on the Douro River… all stand out for their uniqueness.

In addition to these products Sailing 360º will always meet any request, with the aim of promoting an unforgettable Experience by the Douro River, on board our vessels.

Looking for a Custom Experience?