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Douro River Cruise - Discovering Ilha dos Amores

Quick Details

Private Cruise 1 day Prices from

Discover the wonders of the Douro River

This charter is one of the best ways to get to know the lower Douro area and visit one of its main attractions: the Love Island (ilha dos amores)!

In this exclusive 1-day Douro cruise, aboard our luxury yacht, you will have the opportunity to have a very special and unforgettable day.

This cruise lasts 10 hours, and goes from the Douro Marina, passing through the lock of the Crestuma Dam, to the island, near Castelo de Paiva. In this last point you will have a nice lunch on board prepared by our crew.

In addition to lunch, drinks and snacks are included throughout the trip and plenty of stops for diving and for other activities of your choice!

Throughout the day you will have a dedicated team on board who will cater to your every need.

In order to make this experience accessible to all our clients we have closed a base price which includes:

  1. Certified crew;
  2. Lunch and drinks on board;
  3. Towels and bed linen;
  4. Cooking and safety equipment;
  5. Final cleaning;
  6. Fuel;
  7. Fee for passing through the locks;
  8. Docking at marinas;
  9. VAT at the legal rate.

And… it’s available for 4 people or more! Here’s the best of it all: for each extra person you only have to pay for lunch and drinks on board! Unbelievable, isn’t it?

Here are the details of the whole tour:

The Star of the day: Skyfall!

Elegance, comfort and uniqueness are objectives that classify the Skyfall Yacht. The Star of an adventure you won’t want to miss!