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Douro Valley Boat Tour Experiences

Discover a piece of the Alto Douro Wine Region

Embark on a boat trip along the Douro from Porto to the Alto Douro Wine Region passing through Régua, Pinhão to Barca D’Alva.

Come across lush green hills, terraced vineyards and picturesque farms along the river that create the perfect setting for a relaxing and enriching trip lasting 1, 2 or more days.

Customize your itinerary according to your interests. Whether exploring the region’s characteristic farms, participating in wine tastings at local wineries, going diving or simply relaxing inside the vessel, we will create a tailor-made experience for you.

Our goal is not just to offer a boat trip on the Douro River, but to create memories that will last a lifetime.

1 Day Douro River Cruises

2, 3 Day Douro River Cruise

If you want a trip completely customized to your needs, we can create the right program for you! Tell us what you want, we will satisfy your request.

The best landscapes of the Douro Wine Region

Personalize your trip to Douro with our Holiday Homes with Pool

Disembark in the Alto Douro Wine Region and enjoy a few days of rest around Nature in one of our luxurious villas. All of our houses are prepared to show you the true value of the Douro Region.

We have villas available in Régua, Pinhão, Folgosa and Armamar. Enjoy the most incredible sunsets in the company of your friends and family.

Relax in the private pools with panoramic views of the river and be amazed by the entire experience. Let yourself be carried away by the wonders of the Douro and embark on an unforgettable journey through Nature