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Douro River Cruise

Quick Details

  • Willow Boat
  • Mathilda Boat
  • Calitor Boat
  • Premium Skyfall Yacht
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Douro river cruise from Porto

A trip between the marina, the riverside and Foz do Douro. During the journey, you will have the opportunity to appreciate an exclusive trip with your friends and family. You can also enjoy the landscapes and architectural differences between the riverbanks of Porto and Gaia.

You will be able to see up close a landmark of the city like the Ponte D. Luís Bridge from a different perspective that only the Douro River can offer.

An experience that is distinguished by the vessel itself, a luxury yacht, where you can comfortably enjoy the riverside landscapes both inside and outside the vessel while discovering the riverside banks, and the famous 6 bridges itinerary, returning to gondomar in the well-known palácio do freixo, a baroque work from the 18th century.

Our Boats

Willow Boat
willow boat sailing 360

Willow is a vintage-style American Chris-Craft with a capacity for 10 people. Sail with class aboard this versatile vessel.

Mathilda Boat
a small boat in a large body of water

Mathilda is a classic boat with a capacity for a total of 18 people. If you want to have space to dance and have fun, Mathilda is the ideal choice because it is one of the largest boats available in Douro Marina.

Calitor Boat
Calitor with a group of people sailing 360

The Calitor is a sailboat with capacity for 12 people. On board this vessel you will have the possibility to sail to the high seas!

Premium Skyfall Yacht
Skyfall Yacht sailing in the Douro River, Oporto, Portugal

Elegance, comfort and uniqueness are objectives that classify the Skyfall Yacht. With capacity for 10 people is the ideal choice for a party of refinement.

Nabucco Yacht
Premium Yacht in the Douro River, Oporto

Uniqueness are objectives that classify the Nabucco Yacht. With capacity for 12 people is the ideal choice for a party.

Leçaodouro Yacht
a small boat in a body of water

A small yacht with capacity for up to 8 people. Ideal for small groups or families.

Diamante Douro
diamantedouro yacht sailing 360

A vintage yacht with a capacity of up to 10 people. The ideal yacht for families and groups of friends.

Our Customers' Opinions

Pedro Barbosa July 2023

It was a very pleasant trip with perfect weather conditions. The Sailing 360 team was very attentive with Inês always concerned about the group and where we had the opportunity to hear, from Pedro, stories of the city of Porto that I, a native of the city, did not even imagine. To repeat.

– Tripadvisor
Megan July 2023

We had a great time on the boat with our tour guides. Inês was particularly fantastic and gave us a wonderful insight into the history of Porto and explained everything clearly. She also answered all our questions and gave us some restaurant recommendations. Eduardo talked us through each Port wine we tasted, explaining how it was made and what it went with. We also felt very safe in the hands of our captain. We even had time on the boat to relax with our own music and enjoy the many views around us. Overall, I would recommend this experience.

– GetYourGuide
Tomas Bravo July 2023

Everything was marvellous! We had a lot of fun and Inês and Pedro were spectacular! Best experience in Porto!!! Not to be missed!!!

– Google Review