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Experience Douro with overnight stay on a sailing boat

Lulled by the river, in love with the city there is nothing better than to live a unique and memorable sensory experience.

The city of Porto, located in northern Portugal, was elected at the World Travel Awards ceremony as the “Best City Destination in the world in 2022”. The city is notoriously a target of much demand, and this award only further enhanced this factor. Some of the reasons that justify this demand are undeniably its heritage, the gastronomy accompanied by Port Wine and its cellars connected to the Douro River where there are centenary bridges architecturally unique.

a train crossing a bridge over waterIts history is mirrored in small details, in the inundated narrow streets of slender houses with tiled façades and singular balconies, as well as in the wrinkles on the faces of the northern people.

In between the inviting streets lurk churches and historical monuments, as well as gardens and belvederes which in the late afternoon are painted in the warm colours of the sunset and filled with crowds of laughing happy people. Culture and nightlife are sources of great investment, between cultural and musical events, bars and discos no night goes by without plans.

In a city so organically dynamic and full of good people, there is an unmissable experience that leads us to see Porto from a different perspective. Instead of watching the boats on the Douro River from a terrace in Ribeira, you can enjoy being on a boat and admire the lights that bathe the city.


The whole river environment by itself is seen by many as something relaxing and inspiring, so being able to fall asleep lulled by the sound of the waves of the Douro River mouth and wake up at the same time as the sun tangled in a cinematographic scenery is something many wish for, but few have the courage to venture.

The night landscape, the breeze and a delicious breakfast to add to all the sensory experiences are the perfect compilation for an overnight cruise in the Douro.

This experience offers simple and safe accommodation that allows you to sleep on a docked boat in Afurada marina in a welcoming environment and designed to offer you the greatest comfort.

All Sailing 360º boats have 1 or 2 bedrooms, microwave, television, heaters and blankets, as we excel in making you feel truly at home.

This experience was inspired on the Calitor, thought for two people, since it is a sailboat with an intimate touch that allows you to make a passage by high sea at sunset.

Investing in leisure brings not only joy and well-being, but also stories and moments to remember later. Photographs immortalise moments but those who live them are richer. a small boat in a large body of water