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5 reasons to visit the Alto Douro Wine Region

a small boat in a body of water

Stunning Landscapes

The breathtaking landscapes of the Alto Douro Wine Region alone will enchant anyone, which is why they have been recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. With Sailing360º, you have the opportunity to explore this region and all it has to offer from a unique perspective. When you board our luxury yacht, you’ll be enveloped by the majestic landscape of the Douro Valley, where the crystal-clear waters of the river blend with the landscape, creating an unforgettable experience.

Douro Valley

Unique Experience on Board the Sailing360º Luxury Yacht

Sailing360º offers the chance to sail up the Douro, providing family moments away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, which results in unique connections, whether it’s through relaxed conversations, sharing meals on board or simply enjoying the comfortable silence, this experience strengthens family ties specially.

Travelling up the Douro by boat transcends the tourist aspect, becoming an experience that feeds the soul and brings loved ones closer together. This experience proves to be an invaluable investment in well-being and family connection, as it will provide a break from routine and create lasting memories.

a wooden boat in a body of water


Arriving in the Alto Douro Wine Region, you will be confronted with a setting that combines the natural splendour of the Douro River with the region’s gastronomic and wine excellence.

The local cuisine is a celebration of authentic flavours that includes fresh and traditional ingredients that capture the richness of this locality, the gastronomy reflects the hardships experienced by the local population of this region. The cuisine is truly a testimony to the history of this people and the traditional dishes of the region promise to stay in anyone’s memory.

This region will allow you to savour emblematic dishes such as the traditional “Cozido à Transmontana”, “Posta à Mirandesa” and “Cabrito Assaso em Forno de Lenha” but fish dishes are also common in this region such as “Bacalhau Assado” and fried or pickled trout, all of which are appreciated in this environment. Desserts are not left out either, such as “Doce Teixeira” and “Pudim de Castanha”.

The Alto Douro Vinhateiro also has products from the region that can’t be left out if you want a complete gastronomic experience. Here are a few examples: Presunto de Porco Bísaro, Azeitonas e Azeite and Queijo da Serra.

Quinta do Muro Feel Discovery

Winemaking Experience

However, it is the unique connection between food and wine that gives this region its authenticity. The Alto Douro Wine Region stands out for the harmonisation between its Port wines, known for their sweetness and complexity, and the delicious local desserts.

The Douro is particularly famous for the production of fortified wines, known as Ports. These wines are often aged in wooden barrels and can be classified as Ruby, Tawny, Late Bottled Vintage (LBV), Vintage, among others. In addition to Port, the Alto Douro region also produces excellent table wines, both red and white.

In the local restaurants, food lovers have the opportunity to enjoy a complete experience, exploring perfect combinations between regional dishes and the wines produced in the area.

a close up of a picnic table

Full Experience

In addition, if you wish to explore all the charms of this region, Sailing360º is pleased to offer you a personalised stay aboard our luxury yacht for the period that best suits your plans.

Taking into account the individual needs of each client, we ensure your stay in one of Feel Discovery’s exclusive holiday homes, such as the stunning Alvim’s Douro Holiday Home, located in Folgosa. With capacity for up to 6 people, this residence stands out for its panoramic views and ample outdoor space. It also has a swimming pool that offers a magnificent view of the majestic Douro River, while the vineyard surrounding the property adds a charming touch. Get ready to witness one of the most memorable sunsets of your life.

Quinta do Muro, located in Peso da Régua and able to accommodate up to 6 people, also leaves nothing to be desired. The prestigious Quilate Douro Wines are produced here. If you’re looking for beauty and tranquillity, this quinta, surrounded by vineyards and with stunning views of the River Douro, is the ideal choice for your stay.

Homes In Douro is strategically located in the heart of Régua, providing access to the most popular spots, from local shops to restaurants. This means that you can dedicate your day to exploring the region, and when you return home, enjoy moments of relaxation with your family, taking advantage of all the luxuries that the property has carefully prepared for you.

The Douro LAS House, which can accommodate up to 15 people, offers a tranquil setting, surrounded by vineyards, making it perfect for strolls while enjoying the most breathtaking views of the Douro region with friends or family. Located near Régua, this residence is the ideal choice for those looking for a holiday home with a pool, especially for large groups, thanks to its ample size. This luxurious house, complemented by an infinity pool, will provide unforgettable moments. In addition, the Douro LAS House also has a children’s pool, ensuring that no detail is overlooked during your stay.

Maça Douro is a luxurious detached country house in the Douro region of Armamar that can accommodate up to 8 people. Equipped with a charming chalet, an incredible swimming pool and surrounded by an apple orchard, this residence offers the unique opportunity to enjoy nature at its purest.

With Sailing360º, there’s no need to worry, as we provide all the essential elements for you to enjoy the best moments in one of the most stunning regions. Don’t waste any more time and seize this opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, creating truly unforgettable memories.

a body of water with a mountain in the background

Going up the Douro by boat, in contrast to the car and train options, offers a truly memorable experience as sailing these waters allows travellers to get to know the region from different perspectives, immersing themselves in the natural and cultural riches that the Douro River offers. The Douro Valley is renowned for its scenic beauty, with terraced vineyards stretching across the hills. The privileged view from a boat provides a breathtaking look at this landscape, allowing travellers to appreciate the scenery in a way that is impossible to replicate by any other means.

In addition to the spectacular view, travelling by boat on the Douro River offers an experience marked by tranquillity and relaxation. The gentle breeze, the sound of the water and the peaceful atmosphere along the river contribute to a more serene and pleasant journey, distinct from other modes of transport. This relaxing atmosphere makes your journey not just a means of getting around, but a unique opportunity to fully enjoy the moment and reconnect with nature.

Therefore, choosing to travel by boat transforms your journey into a true adventure, leaving lasting memories and a deeper appreciation for the magnificent landscape of the Douro River.