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São João Night Experiences

São João is the city of Porto's Party, watch the iconic Fireworks on Board!


23/06 (21h) – Dinner on Board;

– Boat Trip at the Sunset;

– São João’s Balloon Launch;

24/06 (00h) – Stop at D. Luís Bridge and Paragem Junto da Ponte D. Luís to watch Fireworks Show;

24/06 (01h) – End at Douro Marina.


– Dinner and Drinks:

.Avintes traditional bread; Olives; Cheese; Chouriço (Portuguese sausage); Alheira (smoked sausage); Morcela (black pudding); Sardine or tuna puff pastry (optional); Smoked ham; Meat ball or Sardine ball (optional); Roasted bell pepper salad; Mini salty snacks; Sardine paté

.EXTRAS: St. John’s cake; Bifanas with biju bread; Caldo verde (traditional portuguese soup)

.1/2 bottle of sparkling wine per person OR 1/2 lt of sangria per person OR 3 beers per person OR juices and water

– São João balloon and hammer;

– Music on Board;

– Insurance.

São João, the longest night of the Year!

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São João is the feast of the city of Porto. It is celebrated on June 24 and the night before the longest night in the city.

After eating the traditional grilled sardines, everyone picks up their noisy toy hammers and goes out into the street to find them on the heads of everyone who shows up. The tradition comes from the 60’s where the students took advantage of the noisy invention of Manuel António Boaventura, the hammer that by the whistle that has and the rubber bellows that with the air emits a noise, became the Hammer of São João.

On that night, bonfires are made everywhere, small balloons of hot air are launched that illuminate the skies of the city and make it completely starry. A unique spectacle. It is also on that night that the Douro River is the stage for one of the most beautiful fireworks known. An incandescent spectacle that attracts tens of thousands of people to the city every year.

During the night people move between the city, walking between the different areas of the Fontainhas and Ribeira, the main points of interest.

Not to be missed, it’s a unique experience!