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Discovering Ilha dos Amores

In the serene waters of the Douro River, where the city of Porto rises on the horizon, get ready for a luxury trip to discover the mythical area of the Douro, the Ilha dos Amores. Sailing 360’s luxury yacht will be ready to take you on this unique adventure. Throughout the article, we invite the reader to embark on this experience of exploration, romance and refinement, while discovering the details of this unique trip that combines the luxury and magic of the region with a mythical destination.

Skyfall sailing 360


The adventure unfolds as soon as you step onto the elegant luxury vessel, meticulously equipped to provide a comfortable and refined journey. The spacious interior offers every comfort for you and your companions, while the outdoor deck provides the perfect setting to admire the stunning landscapes that dot the shores. The crew is ready to cater to your every need, ensuring a truly personalised experience.
Throughout this emotion-packed itinerary, the yacht will make several stops, allowing you to immortalise the beauty of the landscapes in fantastic photographs or dive into the waters of the iconic Douro River.

a body of water with a mountain in the background

Ilha dos Amores, known as such due to its paradisiacal aura, is a small treasure shrouded in mystery and mythical legends. Although it is not the island celebrated by Camões in Lusíadas, it is a place full of romance and history. Forbidden loves are said to have flourished here, such as that of a farmer’s son and a noblewoman, a love that defied convention at the time. Surrounded by lush vegetation and breathtaking landscapes, this small island becomes a true oasis for the eyes.

Upon reaching Ilha dos Amores, you will be treated to lunch on board, providing an indescribable break. The magical landscape of the island, combined with the sense of wonder and adventure, will make lunch a truly special moment. Savouring a meal on the Douro River, with the breathtaking scenery in the background, is the climax of this journey.

Ilha dos Amores, Castelo de Paiva

As the boat heads back to the Douro marina, you will carry with you priceless memories, feelings of harmony with nature and a deep appreciation for the simplicity of life. The incredible experience of sailing on a luxury yacht, the tranquillity of Ilha dos Amores and all the adventures experienced along the journey converge to make this dream an unimaginable reality.
This luxury yacht trip to Ilha dos Amores is a unique experience where the romance of the sea intertwines with the magic of the destination. Transcending time, it is a tale of luxury, beauty and discovery that you will carry with you forever. This is an invitation to the most incredible experience of your life on this unique 1-day trip to Ilha dos Amores on a luxury yacht.

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Happy travelling!